The most comprehensive property data API

150+ property data points on all 29 million English & Welsh properties, enhanced by our cutting edge machine learning predictions



Our data covers every property across England and Wales.

Property data points


Get your hands on 150+ data points on every single property.

Updated daily


Our unrivalled data is updated each day to ensure it’s accurate and reliable.

Pick-and-mix your data set.

With 150+ data points on all 29 million addresses across England and Wales, Street Data is your primary source of property intelligence.

Simply choose the exact data fields you want to receive and plug our API into your products or business.

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Data sourced directly from leading sources.

It is our number one priority to provide our clients with the most accurate property data. That’s why our data is sourced directly from the UK’s biggest and leading producers of property data.

Royal Mail.
Ordnance Survey.
Land Registry.
Office for National Statistics.
Plus, many other data sources.

Simple pricing.


Basic property details, great for location based searches


per property

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Comprehensive property information, great for learning more about a specific property.


per property

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Any of our basic and core info + our premium property data and machine learning predictions.


per property

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Highly available, highly scalable.

Designed for the most demanding workloads, you can build with confidence knowing our API has the capability to support your critical apps.

All the data, in one place.

Our structured, easy-to-consume model means no more piecing together property data to get the exact information you need.

Search that suits you.

Find properties by UPRN, UDPRN, address or location with a comprehensive range of filter options available.

Always up to date.

Our award-winning property dataset is refreshed every 24 hours - ensuring your apps are updated with the latest information.

Enhanced by AI.

Harness the power of AI predictions, such as estimated valuations and propensity to sell - proven to be highly accurate and reliable.

Powering countless industries.

Our dataset has unlimited potential to service almost any industry.

Check out how you can utilise our data through the lifecycle of property ownership.

Your Questions Answered.

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